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Around the World…in 2009, Two Japanese Hospitals Approved Theta Healing® 

Did you know that 5% of your thoughts are conscious?

The other 95% are subconscious?

  • Theta Healing is a meditation technique that helps you to shift and clear limiting subconscious beliefs.
  • It opens your subconscious thoughts for physical healing and overall improved well-being.
  • Subconscious beliefs are typically the reasons we fail to live our best lives with ease, find our soulmates, manifest abundance, attract recurring illness and more…
  • It is possible to alter your environment by consciously changing your thoughts. 

Around the world…In April 2009, Japan approved qualified experts to perform Theta Healing at two hospitals. 

Theta Healing ® Medical Association of Japan – Tsuyoshi Kushida, Hub-k, Certified Neurosurgeon

Theta Healing® is a registered trademark technique and used in hospitals and other institutions, only certified experts may use this distinction.

Find a certified Theta Healer on the island…”Mind & Spirit”.  Be Well. Discover Bliss. Open Doors.

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