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Beth Kenney

Founder &

Chief Wellbeing Officer 

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Beth Kenney, Lemon Bay Wellbeing Ltd. Founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer, Beth Kenney is a wellbeing advocate, energy healer, yoga teacher, mentor and Fortune 100 businesswoman committed to sharing wellbeing best practices.  

Her decades of global Fortune 100 professional service firms experience of managing departments, global teams, sales pursuits, budgets, marketing and leaders’ expectations combined with her passion for wellbeing, gives her a unique advantage to effectively lead Lemon Bay.

Lemon Bay Wellbeing Ltd. has an exclusive alliance offering which aims to “complement” not compete with your services.  


Your brand is supported.  No investment required.

Your clients will have access to a virtual island of wellbeing experts to help them look and feel better from the inside out…enhancing your offerings.

We bring a virtual oasis of qualified global wellbeing experts…to your members.

  • Life Coaches & Mentors
  • Breath & Body 
  • Skin & Face Yoga
  • Women’s Health 
  • Men’s Health 
  • Mind & Spirt…Medical Intuitive, Theta Healers, Reiki Usui Natural Healing and more…
  • Workplace Wellbeing & Executive Coaches

Your clients receive easy, time-saving ways to feel fabulous in partnership with you.

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Your business, spa or clinic “account” is managed based on your preferences.

  • Your clients opt-in for “hassle-free” communication. 
  • No GDPR or HIPPA issues.
  • Your clients may opt-out…always.
  • Clients receive special offers.
  • Secure CRM programme & data protection.
  • Receive monthly commissions.
  • *Commissions and currency conversions managed by Lemon Bay’s external accounting firm Sherwoods Ltd. Chartered Certified Accounts, London England. 

Note, we have implemented global cyber measures to help us abide by all data protection laws and privacy rules.

This is not medical advice or diagnosis.  Clients are encouraged to check with their health and medical professionals. 

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