Theta Healing 60-Min. Session with Certified Theta Healer

Theta Healing® 

Did you know that 5% of your thoughts are conscious?      

The other 95% are subconscious?

Subconscious beliefs are typically the reasons you fail to live your best life with ease, find your soulmates, manifest abundance, attract recurring illness, resist life’s changes and more.  Theta Healing is a rapidly growing personal development modality.

Hospitals in Japan and India  having been incorporating Theta Healing into their wellbeing practices since 2009.

  • Shift & Clear Limiting Beliefs
  • Improve Your Wellbeing & Feel Better
  • Certified Theta Healing Teachers
  • Medical Intuitive Anatomy
  • Achieve More Peace & Happiness
  • Instantly Transform Your Beliefs

Discover the worldwide phenomenon of ThetaHealing® and how it can help you to achieve transformational healing.

*Theta Healing is excluded from membership, thank you.

On-Line Booking will allow you to see availability for both experts.

Taelor Bennett and Beth Kenney are certified Theta Healers.  They are dedicated to improving the long-term wellbeing of others. There many years of training, as well as their own personal journeys, have equipped them with the knowledge and tools necessary to help others.  Both are passionate in helping others of all ages and genders to achieve and maintain their best health and release limiting beliefs.

This is not medical advice.  You are encouraged to check with your health and medical professionals.

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