Sound Healing Experience 60-Min. Individual Virtual Session with Nadia

Stress?  Busy Mind?  Tired? Weak Immunity? Anxiety?  ADHD? Sleep?

“Virtual” Sound Experience with Nadia

Immerse yourself in the healing frequencies of the gong and crystal bowls to help create positive mindsets and energy in our live of high frequency. As well as help to heal the mind, body and spirit.  Nadia’s sessions provide amazing support for Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Immune System, Stress, and much more.

Meet Nadia-Anne “Nadia”…an experienced Sound Visionary Artist, Healer and Coach. Nadia creates and supports healing using the power of sound.  She guides her clients into an immersive sound journey and coaching experience.

Nadia has been deeply connected to music, sound and vision her entire life, which came to light, as a “mature” student at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (CSM), London. She commenced CSM, after living and performing in Ibiza then accidentally invented BeatWoven.  BeatWoven is a transmission from the geometric patterns of soundscapes, into the fusion of crafted woven coded threads creating decorative fabrics.  This creates visual landscapes used in artworks, interior design, and fashion. Although energy, and spirituality resonated with Nadia from a young age, she discovered during her research that she had a form of syntheses whereby Nadia can sense colour and pattern through sound. An amazing sensory response that she continues to expand and develop.

Whilst Nadia travelled the world as a professional dancer during her 20’s, she was fortunate enough to absorb all the variations of sounds, patterns, colours, textures, and cultures not only from the local people, hill-tribes, remote craftsmen, Buddhist monks, and spiritual leaders, but also from the colourful souls encounter along the way.  She learnt that sound is the universal language.  It is the vibrational thread that weaves our communities together.

The concept of BeatWoven was born on the dance-floor. The seed was sewn, whilst dancing at Space, Ibiza 2007, listening to Carl Cox, immersed in lights and having a moment of higher consciousness lost in the frequency of the music. She could envision the laser beams weaving patterns in and out of each other in sync with the sounds. Nadia instantly became excited about this concept, and had a burning desire to manifest this expansion of our universal language into our visual reality for all to experience.

Working as a professional performer eventually led Nadia to burn out in 2013. Throughout her life, Nadia had unfortunately been exposed to external trauma’s and was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). She found herself immersed in the epicentre of psychotherapy’s and holistic remedies desperate to heal herself so that she could full-fill her commitment to BeatWoven. The turning point came when Nadia took a break, and escaped to one of her favourite Island’s called Koh Phangan, Thailand for an Intensive 200 RYT Yoga Teaching Training Course. The intense training included daily morning meditation in the middle of a jungle with buddhist monk teachers, a Ayurvedic diet, four hours of yoga a day, plus studying the philosophy of yoga. Upon her return in 2019, Nadia began training with the lineage of Don Conreaux gong masters.

As a certified sound healer, yoga and meditation instructor (RYT), Nadia is passionate about helping other people manifest their ideas into reality, using the ancient technology of the ‘Medicine of Frequency’ to clean  thoughts and feelings so to help her clients  live their lives at  a high-frequency.  Nadia fuses sound healing with her  intuitive skills, and knowledge of healing through her own traumas to provide further support and healing of the mind, body and spirit.

“With the rise of the new technological era in this ever-changing world of our human ‘truth’, the need to be anchored with our souls authenticity is becoming increasingly important. Tuning – In to ignite positive energy, will help us navigate through, and dissolve the seed to illnesses such as mental health, depression, anxiety, stress and trauma. Or, simply to keep us resonating at a high level so we can co-create an incredible world for us all to enjoy.” – Nadia

This is not medical advice.  You are encouraged to check with your health and medical professionals.

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