Reiki Refocus & Reflect 60-Day Package with Rachel

Reiki Repair & Reflect 60-Day Package…Eight 60-Min. Private Virtual Sessions with Rachel

Tired?  Need to Re-Energise? Refocus? Revive?

Your Endocrine System Aligns with Your Chakras

Rachel Tidball, Master Reiki Usui Natural Healing, has created an exclusive Reiki Repair & Reflect Package to help you energise, realign your “chakras”…seven centres of your body’s spiritual energy.  She will help you to realign your mind, body and spirit supporting your overall wellbeing.

Reiki is a gentle non evasive yet very powerful energy healing technique originating from Japan.  Developed just over a hundred years ago by Mikao Usui, Reiki is becoming an increasingly popular holistic alternative.  It is recognised by public health organisations such as the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) and other private health institutes around the world.

  • Improve  “Life Balance” to Manage Everyday Life
  • Increased Confidence, Self-esteem, Body Image
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Refocus with Clarity, Peace of Mind
  • Maintain Positive Energy, Detox
  • Unblock Energy Channels
  • Improve Your Body’s Ability to Heal

Reiki Repair & Reflect Packages 


Rachel Tidball has trained since 2008 as a Reiki Usui Natural Healing Master Practioner.  Her ethos is that there is always wisdom to gain through life’s experiences, especially your wellbeing journey. Rachel is well attuned to offer you bespoke support needed to help you to restore balance and healing.    She has the unique ability to create a safe haven – yes, even from a distance and virtual – that will support you. She will guide you to tap into your own power, reducing anxieties, finding harmony and balance, a sense of profound peace.  Rachel ultimately guides you to heal yourself using Reiki principles and practical insight.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Fundamentally, we are all energy and at times this natural flow can become out of balance. Reiki supports regaining this natural flow through balancing the energy centres known as Chakras. Self-care is essential for your wellbeing ageing, and longevity.  Rachel truly believes that when you honour and love yourself with self-care, you ultimately also offer this healing to the world.

Rachel supported the London College of Spirituality for many years.  She has worked at many retreats located in beautiful energy spots/portals across the world, including Mt Shasta and Sedona in the USA. Through the college she also studied the ‘Divine I Am’ healing transmission modality which is a healing transmission with the energy light grids surrounding Mother Earth.  She has held groups in a safe loving space for newly certificated members to practice.

She has cared for children for the majority of her professional life in various settings to include 9-years caring for premature babies in a Neonatal Hospital in London. She has always felt a natural ability to connect with these beautiful young little people and has been referred to the baby whisperer on occasions through her natural connection she adopts.

Rachel is a true explorer and loves travelling to far off lands. Rachel is currently using her training and gifts to help her to manage her menopause journey with balance and peace.

This is not medical advise.  You are encouraged to check with your health and medical professionals, thank you.


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