Passion for Purpose: Power Up by Doing Less (90-Min. Elite Masterclass, VIP Women)

Are You a High Achieving Women Earning 6-Figures+?

Elite Masterclass…Tues. 15 Nov. 19:00-20:30 GMT Virtual

Special Offer! This Masterclass is a private keynote speaking engagement that I wanted to share with high-achieving women.

Passion for Purpose: Power Up by Doing Less

You’ve Reached the Top.  What’s Next?

Are You Truly Fulfilled?  Passionate?

How Many Areas of Your Life Were Sacrificed to Achieve?

Do You Crave More… Without More Time Commitments?

How Do You Power Up with Ease & Elegance?

If you are ready to reframe your perspective, I will show you how to  have “Passion for Purpose: Power Up by Doing Less” – building upon your current success whilst I unpack the beliefs around working harder, busyness, and finding your soul driven purpose. It’s easier than you think.

Return on Investment…

Leverage the “Purpose-Driven” meaning of “What’s Working?” to assess your commitments, diary, and activities from an expanded mind, body, spirit perspective.

Fab-4 Executive Coaching Questions applicable to all areas of your life.

No More Doubts…Discover how to trust your inner wisdom “knowingness” with a proven neuroscience technique.

Kick start 2023 with Passion for Purpose in your Career, Love, and Life…

Join me for this 90-Minute Intensive Elite Masterclass!

You will be joined by other high achieving women who share your passion for purpose! Bx

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