Men’s Mojito Mind Over Matter Wellbeing Coaching 60-Min.

Add a twist to your wellbeing…Bring Zest & Balance to Your Busy Life. 60-Min. Virtual Life Coaching


Why Mojito Mind?  Mojito encompasses a great recipe for your overall wellbeing.

Rum adds a little fun, laughter | Lime brings zest, edginess | Sugar to keep you sweet | Mint adds spice, freshness, earthiness | Soda Water for effervescent!  It’s the perfect Men’s Wellbeing Recipe!

  • Tired of Being Tired?
  • Unable to Turn Off Your Mind?
  • How Are You Ageing?
  • Ready to Shift Your Career to the Next Level?
  • Begin a Second or New Career?
  • Break-Up? Divorce?
  • Time to Shift Some Weight?
  • Improve Your Nutrition?

Beth Kenney (Lemon Bay Wellbeing’s Founder | Chief Wellbeing Officer | Coach | Author | Yogi…and More…) will help you to identify, prioritise and achieve YOUR WELLBEING GOALS…(Mind-Body-Spirit).  Each 60-Min. Virtual session will focus on YOUR NEEDS.    Beth will also engage her team of qualified WELLBEiNG EXPERTS to provide support as needed to ensure YOUR SUCCESS.

Invest in You…the ROI is always rewarding!



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