Menopause CEO Express Package Two 60-Min. Sessions with Beth, Menopause Mentor

Savings £140….

Menopause?  Irritable?  Tired?  Hormonal?  Hot Flashes?

Will You Ever Be You Again?

Step-by-Step Guidance to Create Your Menopause Plan

Menopause CEO Express 120-Minutes…Two 60-Min. Private Sessions with Beth

Limited Offer …Packages Available at £259

Menopause equates to an action-packed movie…”Raiders of the Lost Hormones” filled with unexpected twists, turns, exhaustion, hot flashes and more.   With one exception…you need to be the heroine, the Menopause Raider!

Beth Kenney,  “Island” Founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer…has first hand experience, hours of research, interviews with menopause experts and insight to support you.  It’s time to turn the tables, find your inner treasures by discovering proven, practical ways to manage this season of your life.

  • Easy Ways to Manage Menopause
  • “Mine” for Hormonal Balance
  • “Hunt” with Your  Medical Professional
  • Benefits of  Blood Tests
  • Find Calm with Your Breath
  • Align Your Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Your Language & Its Affects on Your Menopause
  • Create & Execute Your Very Own Menopause Strategy
  • Invest in You…Menopause Mentor!

Discover Beth’s Favourite Menopause Secrets

Menopause CEO Express 120-Minutes…Special £259  

  • Limited Offer…Only Available at £259
  • Receive Two (2)… 60-Minute Private Virtual Sessions with Beth!
  • Excludes Lokahi Membership

*This is not medical advice. You will learn to have better discussions with your menopause health and medical professionals.

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