Madlen Buchbauer | Martial Arts | Kickboxer | Personal Trainer

Madlen Buchbauer is a  Martial Arts and Kickbox Instructor as well was a qualified Personal Trainer. She teaches her clients  to kick and punch for strength, power and endurance — an exciting way to align the mind, body and spirit!  She helps her clients move better, faster, with more confidence to build the strength needed to reach their goals.

Her clients include individuals across a wide range — from little to no flexibility or movement  to athletes and martial artists  — to support their physical abilities and needs in order to reach their goals such as being pain free (e.g. lower back pain, etc), avoiding future injuries, and prehab to achieving sports specific goals.

Madlen’s  journey as a martial artist started in a small town in the south of Austria, where her 15-year old self walked into a Wing Chun class. She had always loved all kinds of sports but this was new, exciting.  She fell in love with it.  Since then, she has obtained a Black Belt  in Jeet Kune Do – Kickboxing – Filipino Kali under the legendary UK martial artist, Bob Breen. Madlen competes in kickboxing and Thai boxing fights prior to teaching martial arts.  She now enjoys both.

After a little professional detour, Madlen obtained a Bachelors and Masters degrees in International Law.  She worked as a Legal Project Manager for a City Law firm. In 2017, Madlen realised that a legal career wasn’t how she wanted to spend her days. Madlen left her corporate job.  Madlen is  REPs certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach and Fascial Assisted-Stretch consultant, in the Stretch Experience method.  Madlen has taught kickboxing and other forms of martial arts at gyms across London. She  co-founded the Women’s Warrior Club, a weekly event to bring more women into the world of martial arts.

  • Guided Virtual Stretch, Alignment, Kickboxing & Martial Arts 
  • Learn Powerful Ways to Improve Your Movement
  • Reduce Discomfort & Stress 
  • Assess Your Posture & Movement 
  • No Matter Your Flexibility & Movement Now
  • Move In & Out of Stretches with Flow…Not Pain
  • Build Your Home-Wellbeing “Martial Arts” Routine 

Madlen will coach you in exactly how to move and position your body to give you the most valuable experience possible. You’ll have the chance to tell her exactly what needs attention.

Enjoy marital arts and kickboxing as part of your overall wellbeing practice for strength, relaxation, and  healing.

This is not medical advice.  You are encouraged to check with your health and medical professionals.

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