London Only! Introspective Hypnosis In-Person 3-Hour Experience with Nat

Ready to Release Old Issues?  Unblock? Shift Your Perspective?

Introspective Hypnosis…Unique 3-Hour Experience In-Person Only 


Nat van Zee, is a highly qualified Life Coach, Quantum Hypotherapist, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy,and more.  Nat  will help you explore your subconscious to understand which event caused the issue and ways to resolve it in a safe, compassionate manner.  She uses proven, practical techniques to support her clients.

    • Tailored Private Sessions
    • Uncover Origin of Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Health
    • Explore Roots of Relationships & Other Issues
    • Navigate Memories for “True” Root Causes
    • Safely Process Traumas, Early Life, Womb or Previous Life Issues
    • Ericksonian Hynotherapy
    • Forgiveness & Regression Methods
    • Future Projection, Soul Communication & Release
    • Family & Systemic Constellations


More Insight…

Nat van Zee guides people to reclaim their power, intuition and let go of whatever holds them back in life. Nat’s intuitive client-centred style creates a space of security and trust whilst blending Family & Systemic Constellations,  Introspective Hypnosis and Quantum Hypno Healing Techniques.

Clients report deep shifts, embodied clarity, by learning the origin and purpose of life or health issues, and how to resolve them. Many report how safe and held they feel which allows them to open up, go deep and see remarkable results in a short amount of time.

Clients experience a wide range of benefits including an improved self belief, confidence, mood, sleep, feeling more joy, empowered, a sense of inner peace, the courage to release limiting habits and make changes in life guided by their inner intelligence.

For twenty years Nat has worked with influencers, innovators and executives across sectors as a beauty creative, academic, consultant and therapist.  Ten years of personal development in mindset, natural living and energy medicine define her truly holistic approach to ‘being’.

What Happens in a Session?

The session is held in person* and lasts for approximately 3-hours. The process is guided by your Higher Self which controls what is revealed to you, at a pace that will support your life now.

Prior to the appointment you are requested to prepare a list of questions that creates the structure of your session. Questions typically regard life purpose, family dynamics, relationships, health issues, career development to repeating patterns or unexplained feelings in life.

Your session will be include a de-brief to ensure you are supported.

*Please note, Nat’s unique offerings are excluded from membership, thank you.

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