Age & Attitude 60-Days with Beth, Island Founder

Tired?  Think You’re Old? 

Bored?  Find Change Unsettling?  Lost Your Groove? 

Age is a Number! 

It’s About How You Feel…Her Majesty, The Queen Agrees! 

 Age & Attitude Coaching 

Beth Kenney,  “Island” Founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer, will provide you will with proven methods to embrace ageing with a fresh attitude.  Life is everywhere.  You deserve to feel and look great.  It’s never too late.

  • Improve Your Wellbeing, Feel & Look Better
  • Shift Your Views on Ageing
  • Calm Your Thoughts
  • Open Your Mind to New Possibilities…Love, Work, Life, Fun!
  • Discover the Best Ways to Align Your Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Power of Your Language & Affects on Your Wellbeing
  • Proven, Practical Techniques to Easily Incorporate into Your Life

Discover Beth’s Favourite Mind & Ageing Secrets  


This is not medical advice.  You are encouraged to check with your health and medical professionals.

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