An Island Approach to Workplace Wellbeing

“Appreciate the genius in others.”

– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Workplace Wellbeing Offerings

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Please note, this is not medical advice or diagnosis.  You are encouraged to check with your health and medical professionals, thank you. 

Beth Kenney


Founder & 
Chief Wellbeing





A Key to




How We Support Your Workplace…

Organisations of all sizes across a wide range of industries and countries are now faced with new workplace challenges and opportunities.  

As the Founder and Chief Wellbeing Officer of Lemon Bay Wellbeing Ltd., my commitment is to provide your organisation, department or team with Workplace Workshops that support your objectives and vision delivered by highly qualified professionals.

My purpose is to help leadership use proven methods mixed with amazing neuroscience and techniques to gently shift thinking hampered by old science and mindsets. 

Workplace “Virtual” Workshops ROI…

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Proven Best Practices
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Peace of Mind & Focus
  • Overall Employee Satisfaction 
  • Leadership Supports Their People

Plus a twist…Lemon Bay Wellbeing Ltd. is a virtual “island”.  We know that everything is better on a beach so let’s bring it to your employees.  

Calm Minds Deliver Better Results

We look forward to working with you and exceeding your objectives.

Be Blissfully Well.

Beth K.

The Rise of Complimentary


Integrated Therapies


Executive Coaches | Mentors | Presenters

Executive Coach & Mentor

Presenter | Guest Speaker


Kerrie Dorman


Business Mentors



“Kerrie has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 20, seeing niches and filling them. Utilising this first hand experience she became a business mentor to those wishing to mirror her success and avoid similar pitfalls.  She  is a  highly qualified Life-Executive Coach and Mentor. Kerry is an  amazing force of leadership dedicated to helping you achieve your vision…”



Executive Coach & Mentor

Presenter | Guest Speaker


Michele Miller

Transformational Life Coach

Masters Integrated


Clinical Hypnotherapy




“With has over 20 years of management experience in variety of industries in both the UK and Australia, Michele is a highly qualified Transformational Life Coach supporting her global clients with proven techniques and practical insight…”


Executive Coach & Mentor

Presenter | Guest Speaker 

Executive Search


Gregg Patberg

CEO Executive Search Firm

Founder “Hire for Fit”


“When retained for a candidate search, Gregg has established a reputation of presenting providing his clients, multi-national corporations, with one candidate using his ground breaking “Hire for Fit” techniques. If you are concerned about how to transfer your skills, shifting a hobby into a business, and more…engage with Gregg…”


Executive Coach & Mentor

Nutritionist | Guest Speaker


Taelor Bennett

Masters NLP

& Life Coach

Naturopath Nutritional



“Taelor is an extremely qualified Executive Coach, wellbeing expert, nutrionist and life coach.  She helps her global clients achieve their visions of success, wellbeing and balance.  Taelor understands the importance of managing business challenges, goals and health with total clarity and confidence…”

Executive Coach & Mentor

Presenter | Guest Speaker


Beth Kenney



Chief Wellbeing Officer



“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Beth over the years on numerous sensitive and critical marketing and client projects.  I have found Beth to be a valuable and insightful addition to growing my client base in a changing world economy.   Beth is a quick study and her considerable experience in building visionary strategic partnerships has been invaluable to me in England, Europe, the United States and increasingly in other world markets.  I recommend Beth to others without equivocation…”  


Joe D. Whitley, Chair of Government Enforcement & Investigations Practice, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz PC, Atlanta | Former General Counsel US Department of Homeland Security…






Executive Coach & Mentor

Presenter | Guest Speaker



Coming Soon…More Leaders




NEW!   Mental Fitness Coach 


NEW!  Social Media Executive Coach


We landed more amazing workplace leaders!  We look forward to introducing them to you soon…



Workplace Workshop



Sound Healing…

Ancient  “Medicine” of Frequency



Sound Visionary Artist


“Singing bowls and gongs stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in deep relaxation and support for the immunity system…Nadia immerses her clients in profound sound vibrations supporting their wellbeing from within, resulting in calm bodies and minds… “


Workplace  Workshop 



Stretch Flow & Go 



Amy Laithwaite

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Postural Restoration

& Anatomy

Trained Canadian National Ballet

Licentiate Cecchetti Classical Ballet


“Amy trained at Canada’s National Ballet School and went on to dancing and teaching professionally. With a passion for human movement,  she delved into kinesiology to help people of all backgrounds improve their movement  and feel better…”

Workplace Workshop



Martial Arts & Kickboxing 


Madlen Buchbauer 

Blackbelt Jeet Kune Do


Certified Personal Trainer

Fascial Stretch Therapy



“Madlen has been studying Kali, Boxing and Muay Thai for the last 16 years. She holds a Blackbelt in Jeet Kune Do and Kickboxing.  Madlen is a qualified martial arts instructor and a REPs Certified Personal Trainer. Her expert knowledge in human kinetics coupled with a passion for helping people to move with more confidence has made her a sought wellbeing expert…She brings a practical perspective to her workplace clients having trained as a lawyer and working for a global law firm…”


Workplace Wellbeing Concierge Service

No Time?    Underwater?


Hire as Needed…

 Workplace Wellbeing Concierge  



Dedicated Workplace Wellbeing Professional


Content Development 

Administer, Organise & Execute

One Workshop, Monthly, Quarterly… 

Special Events & Training Days

Engage a Speaker



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Workplace Immunity

“Aquarium-watching reduces anxiety, increases peace of mind,

decreases heart rate and muscle tension…”  

Be Blissfully Well.