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Beth Kenney

How We Support Your Workplace…

Organisations of all sizes across a wide range of industries and countries are now faced with new workplace challenges and opportunities.  

As the Founder and Chief Wellbeing Officer of Lemon Bay Wellbeing Ltd., my commitment is to provide your organisation, department or team with Workplace Wellbeing Workshops that support your objectives and vision delivered by highly qualified professionals.

My purpose is to help leadership use proven methods mixed with amazing neuroscience and techniques to gently shift thinking hampered by old science and mindsets. 

Be Blissfully Well! 

Beth Kenney, Founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Beth Kenney over the years on numerous sensitive and critical marketing and client projects.  I have found Beth to be a valuable and insightful addition to growing my client base in a changing world economy.   Beth is a quick study and her considerable experience in building visionary strategic partnerships has been invaluable to me in England, Europe, the United States and increasingly in other world markets.  I recommend Beth to others without equivocation…”  

Joe D. Whitley, Partner, Womble Bond Dickson, Atlanta  & Washington D.C. | Former General Counsel US Department of Homeland Security…

Work with Us, We Deliver Results…ROI

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Proven Best Practices
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Peace of Mind & Focus
  • Practical Tools for Busy Lives
  • Fortune 100 Best Practices
  • Overall Employee Satisfaction 
  • Leadership Supports Their People
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Ease of Working Together…Virtual Offerings

  • On-line Group Sessions & Workshops
  • Small & Large Virtual Groups Welcomed
  • Participants Cameras are Turned Off 
  • Inclusive, Workplace Appropriate 
  • *In-person presentations available, please contact the Concierge.

Did you know most people awake breathing 17-breaths per minute?  

If you were running for your life, your would be breathing appx.

22-breaths per min.!

 We will teach you to breath 5-breaths per minute.  

The way the body was created to breathe!

Breath is a game changer in work, life…

How Are We Different?

Whilst we deliver relevant 

business and wellbeing insight, we add a twist! 

  • Proven Neuroscience Practices…Reduce Stress & Anxiety 
  • Breath Practices for Immunity, Concentration, Energy 
  • One-Minute Technique…Ideal to use during difficult client, employee or team discussions and everyday life.
  • And More…
  • For questions, please contact the Concierge.
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Calm Minds Deliver Better Results

“Appreciate the genius in others.”

– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


“Extreme-over-the-top people skills”

“Beth Kenney is a well orchestrated and organised ‘whirlwind’ if you can imagine that. He told many stories of Beth getting immediately in the door and settling in with whomever she worked with, attributing this ability to her ‘extreme-over-the-top people skills’. She is a spinner of great tales captivating the harshest critic, the woman who can command attention of most distinguished dignitaries and one who will lead the most seasoned world leaders. He also told a story of Beth winning over a difficult client gaining her ‘legend’ status in the UK, making her name very recognisable, ‘everyone wants to meet the woman behind the story’.”

“Given an audience Beth captivates.”

Senior Managing Partner, Boutique Law Firm, London


Routines are Both Necessary & “Empty” Habits

Why?  Heuristic Bias…

When an action or practice becomes “habituation” (repeated) – as when you learn to do something, it’s often common to forget the “why”. 

“Heuristic Bias” is a “mental short cut” acting or thinking in a particular manner.  It’s a profound complex cognitive process which can be useful if a quick decision is required.  It can also result in “mindlessness” which may block ideas, according to Neuroscientists.

  • A daily shower is necessary. 
  • A client meeting has become routine versus an opportunity to challenge and uncover new solutions.

Routines or habits can become “meaningless or empty” left brain “memory” activities versus right brain “imagination”…brain storming opportunities.Imagination stimulates creativity, growth, and expansion – particularly helpful in finding new solutions.

Yes, there are times when “mindlessness” is a fantastic wellbeing tool to quickly reduce stress and anxieties and increase confidence, certainty.


Are You Keen to Attract & Achieve Your Desired Goals, Life & Successes? 

Aspire to “shift from” Heuristic Bias “to” right-brain stimulation and imagination.  It’s easier than you think…

  • The next time you lead a meeting consider switching from your “regular” chair – perhaps at the head of the table – to one positioned in the centre of the table.   Neuroscientists and NLP experts have proven this simple “relocation” changes your perspective as well as others.
  • Take a different route to walk.
  • During your meditation or quiet time, think of a humorous situation or joke.  Mindfulness does not have to be serious to be effective.


Remind Yourself as to “Why You Are Doing Something”? 

Transformative Coaching & Wellbeing helps you to shift your patterns and ignite, awaken all aspects of your mind (left and right sides of the brain), body, and soul.   Let us help you discover, learn, and achieve more…


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Transformational Coach & Mentor | Founder

 Chief Wellbeing Officer 

Presenter | Keynote Speaker


Beth Kenney 


My powerful coaching and mentoring bridges the gap between corporate Fortune 100 best practices, executive coaching, spirituality, and complementary holistic wellbeing. 


I will show you that you have the power to change reality on your terms with confidence, clarity, joy, and grace.  


Executive Coach & Mentor

Presenter | Keynote Speaker


Michele Miller

Transformational Life Coach

Masters Integrated


Clinical Hypnotherapy




“With has over 20 years of management experience in variety of industries in both the UK and Australia, Michele is a highly qualified Transformational Life Coach supporting her global clients with proven techniques and practical insight…”


Executive Coach & Mentor

Presenter | Keynote Speaker 

Executive Search


Gregg Patberg…

CEO Executive Search Firm

Founder “Hire for Fit”


“When retained for a candidate search, Gregg has established a reputation of presenting providing his clients, multi-national corporations, with one candidate using his ground breaking “Hire for Fit” techniques. If you are concerned about how to transfer your skills, shifting a hobby into a business, and more…engage with Gregg…”


Executive Coach & Mentor

NLP Life Coach | Keynote Speaker


Taelor Bennett

Masters NLP

& Life Coach

Naturopath Nutritional



“Taelor is an extremely qualified Executive Coach, wellbeing expert, nutrionist and life coach.  She helps her global clients achieve their visions of success, wellbeing and balance.  Taelor understands the importance of managing business challenges, goals and health with total clarity and confidence…”

Workplace Wellbeing Workshops & Offerings

Please note, this is not medical advice or diagnosis.  You are encouraged to check with your health and medical professionals, thank you.