Women Business Owners...40-Day Coaching & One-Off Sessions

Beth Kenney
I am a rarity in the coaching industry blending 30+ years of global  Fortune 100 business experience and leadership with proven neuroscience and holistic wellbeing techniques, plus intuitive faith centred energy to support you with confidence, elegance, and bliss!  Beth x

Women Business Owners -- Coaching 40-Days & One-Off Sessions


Business Strategy & Profits Coaching Package…40-Days

Tailored to your unique situation at any stage in your business from hobbies to business, start-up, entrepreneur, established business  —  to develop clear, actionable strategies for your business to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Where Your Business is Today?  Are You Under-Selling Your Value?
  • Where Would You Like Your Business to Be in 12-Months? 24-Months?
  • Do you need to focus on market research, competitive analysis, and defining the unique value proposition of the business?.
  • Do you need to review current offerings, pricing structure, profit margins?  
  • Trying to find contract resources that you can afford?
  • Is business model able to sustain growth? Do you know how to transfer knowledge to your support or team?

Proven simple, executive business and coaching tools will be used to help you – the female business owner –  to set realistic goals and develop a step-by-step plan for achieving them.

  • 40-Days (7 Private Virtual Sessions) 
  • (7) 1-Hour Virtual Sessions  via Zoom
  • Guidance to set your pricing with higher profit margins, building your infrastructure for growth…realistic, action plan.
  • Maintaining Your Momentum with Burnout using Emotional Mastery “EQ” Practices & Tools 
  • Proven, easy life coaching tools  blending executive approaches, intuitive guidance and energy healing
  • Real solutions and approaches to help you perform at your highest level — working smarter not harder
  • ROI tangible, measurable, achievable results and prosperity.
  • Private access to Beth Kenney via email during business hours.
  • Payment plans available. 
  • Discounts for full package purchase.
Business Strategy & Profits...Confidential Free Call with Beth


Time Management & Productivity…40-Days

  • Are You Busy Being Busy? Or,  Being Effective?
  • Feeling Unbalanced?  Enjoy Your Business yet Lack Me Time? 
  • Anxious About Your Ability to Sustain the Momentum?

This package focuses on your time management and productivity to achieve more in less time.

Your private, virtual coaching sessions will focus on prioritisation, time blocking, and delegating tasks.

It may also include exercises to help you identify time-wasters and develop strategies for maximising your productivity

  • 40-Days (7- 60 Min. Private, Virtual  Sessions) 
  • Proven, easy to adapt, time management practices. 
  • Real solutions and approaches to bring energy, confidence, vision, and alignment to your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Private access to Beth Kenney via email during business hours. 
  • Breath Practices to reduce anxiety, improve productivity, and results.
  • Tangible, Measurable Results
  • Work Smarter Not Harder 
  • Special Offer…£1449 plus VAT (£500 Savings)
  • Payment plans available.
Time Management & Productivity Free Clarity Call with Beth


Career, Business & Finance Coaching…40-Day Package


Are You Struggling to Balance Your Career or Business with the Challenges of Post-Divorce (Or Break-up)?

Bringing Your Emotions to the “Office”?

Refocus, Reset, Go Forward…

Receive Support & Guidance for Your Unique Situation 

  • Tailored to your needs…navigate your career and business (or start one) after divorce. 
  • Develop a plan that takes into account your personal goals, challenges, and new circumstances. 
  • Build better communication and relationships skills with colleagues, clients, and partners — from a position of strength. 
  • Shift a hobby or side-hustle into a business.
  • Develop a growth mindset.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs. 
  • Identify new opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • Incorporate easy, self-care and wellbeing practices into your busy life.
  • 40-Day Package (7 Private VIP Virtual Coaching Sessions) 
  • Weekly 60-Minute Virtual Sessions via Zoom 
  • Breath & Meditation Practices
  • Theta Healing & Silent Counselling 
  • Private access to Beth Kenney via email during business hours.
  • Special Offer…£1449 plus VAT.  (Savings of £500) 
  • Payment plans available.
Business Strategy & Profits...Confidential Free Call with Beth



Need a One-Off?  Urgent Session?

Private Virtual Business Strategy or Coaching Session with Beth

  • Need to Brainstorm Your New Offering?
  • New to Managing Your Own Business? Need Some Quick Insight? 
  • Considering a Price Increase?  
  • Unsure of Your Profit Margins? Or, How to Determine?
  • Client Communication Issues?
  • Issues with Contractors? Support Team?
  • Feeling Stuck? Frustrated? 
  • In a New or Unexpected Business Situation?
  • In a Feast or Famine Scenario?
  • 90-Minute Private, Virtual Session 
  • Special offer £349 (plus VAT)

You can arrange a “One-Off” private, virtual call with Beth Kenney.  Together, we will quickly assess your situation to determine viable solutions, priorities, and options for your consideration…whilst strengthen your confidence. As the saying goes, “a problem shared is a problem halved.”  

Stop Worrying.  Ask for Support.  Let’s Get it Sorted. 


Book a Private On-Off Virtual Session with Beth
Beth Kenney


What to Expect  Working with Me, Beth Kenney?

  • A Clarity Call to ensure that you are truly ready and excited to focus on the key issues and areas of your life, career, business, wellbeing…and more.
  • As our relationship grows so will  our expectations of working together.
  • We will realistically prioritise your goals and dreams whilst addressing urgent issues.
  • Simple, life coaching techniques will be blended with integrated holistic wellbeing methods to shift and unblock patterns holding you back from attracting and achieving your life’s desires and goals. 
  • After 1st session, you will have clear action items, renewed energy, and support.
  • You will move forward with using proven, easy to integrate “life tools”.
  • Breathing techniques, visualisation, and meditation practices and recordings are  often incorporated to support your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • You’ll learn to “make space” in your busy life to stay focused on aligned actions.
  • Self-care to value your overall wellbeing and positive outlook.
  • You will have private access to me during business hours. 
  • Your investment will deliver tangible, measurable results.
  • Let’s learn, achieve, and laugh together. 
  • If a proven “short-cut” exists, I will share it with you.  I love a practical “hack”!
  • Guidance to look and feel better!

Your Life Does Not Depend on Others’ Opinions…

You Can’t Control What They Think Anyway!


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“When your inner vision opens, your outer horizons expand.” – Louise Hay

Please note, this is not medical advice or diagnosis.  You are encouraged to check with your medical professionals, thank you.