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Testimonial…One Day Created 10-Free Hours A Week

“My busyness has shifted to more impactful days, meetings, and joy!”

“Beth Kenney immediately supported me by showing the inefficiencies in my daily activities, particularly my diary. Meetings were controlling me.  Outcomes were less than effective.  By incorporating a few easy techniques, I now have on average an extra 2-hours a day (10-hours a week) to focus on leadership strategy and other more impactful initiatives, not to mention my partner! “ 

Confidential VIP Private Client, Chief Legal Counsel, Europe

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Beth Kenney

Beth Kenney

My bespoke private coaching uses proven Fortune 100 executive best practices, powerful neuroscience,  wellbeing techniques, and executive coaching…and spirit, source energy.


You Are Invited to Work With Me…

One VIP Intense Day of Energy, Concentration & Results…


I provide powerful, transformational coaching to spirited centred  leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs…

Awaken your mind, body, and soul to attract what you really want in your busy life today…including love!

Create your desired lifestyle, business, and legacy.

I invite you to work with me. Bx



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Details of Your  VIP Intensive Day with Beth Kenney

  • Pre-VIP call to identify the agenda and expectations.
  • Intense, dynamic strategy day to focus on key issues and priorities to ignite your life, career, and business now.
  • 1-Day in London or Virtual
  • In-Person outside England – option for discussion.
  • Transformational coaching designed to shift and unblock patterns holding you back from attracting and achieving your life’s desires and goals. 
  • You will go forward with a practical, exciting, personalised action plan.
  • 1-Hour Post-VIP call.
  • Awaken your energy, confidence, and vision.
  • Align your mind, body, and spirit…in a day.
  • Tangible results and next steps.
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What to Expect  VIP Intensive Day with Me, Beth Kenney?

  • Pre-Call  to set the agenda and manage our expectations.
  • We will realistically prioritise your goals and dreams addressing any urgent issues.
  • Transformational coaching techniques will be used to shift and unblock patterns holding you back from attracting and achieving your life’s desires and goals. 
  • After our day together, you will have clear action items.
  • Breathing techniques, visualisation and meditation practices are incorporated to support your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • We will uncover ways to “make space” in your busy life.
  • You will learn to let go and appreciate that you are doing your best.
  • If a proven “short-cut” exists, I will share it with you.  I love a practical “hack”!
  • Your investment will deliver tangible, measurable results.
  • It’s a full-on exciting day focused on your growth, visions, and success.
  • Post-Follow Up Call to check-in and support you.  


Shifts equate to seeds being sown that will flourish in your life…just in time.  

Book a life-changing day with me!  Bethx

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“Beth helped me immensely by connecting me to the right people.”

“Beth Kenney has a vast network of contacts and excels in building and maintaining relationships. When I relocated and began to build my network in a new area, Beth helped me immensely by connecting me to the right people. She is a master at taking a concept from idea to implementation.” 

Bradley Kitchens, former Chief Human Resources Officer, National Council on Compensation Insurance, South Florida

VIP Intensive Day Form...Work with Beth

No Hesitation...Empower & Ignite Your Life in One Day


Patience is Power…A Personal Note

Admittedly, patience was never my virtue for most of my life.  It certainly wasn’t present in my corporate career, love life or any other area of my busy life.  

Fast forward, I’m finally getting it!  Better yet, I am enjoying patience.  

So, why the mindset shift?  

It was something that I read, well several somethings, one morning during my

quiet time that “patience equates to power”.  I never considered this perspective.  

Patience was always annoying but I suddenly liked the idea of shifting my views.

Patience is “the Power to Enjoy Today, This Moment”:..

Your vision, opportunity, prayer, soulmate, dream…

will arrive just in time.  

I hope that this thought has helped you to power through your busy day

with a fresh, calm perspective.  

Blissful Regards & Blessings, Beth x


“When your inner vision opens, your outer horizons expand.” – Louise Hay

Please note, this is not medical advice or diagnosis.  You are encouraged to check with your medical professionals, thank you.