Menopause Mentoring with Beth Kenney

Together we will apply simple, Fortune 100 business tools combined with amazing, proven neuroscience, complementary holistic wellbeing…plus common sense to help you look and feel better.   

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Why Do You Need a Menopause Plan?…

You wouldn’t get married without a plan, go on a holiday, send your child to any school, or enjoy an evening out without planning something (the restaurant, the outfit, hair, makeup… ). You get the point.

You are a busy, beautiful woman. 

My heart is always touched when women come to me struggling with wellbeing issues – especially menopause.

These beautiful souls who successfully multi­ task their lives, families, partners, manage businesses, offices, WFH and so much more…

yet find themselves at wits ends with menopause!

I’ve been there and continue to actively manage my symptoms and wellbeing.

Let’s build your confidence together to proactively

manage your menopause adventure!


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Beth Kenney

My bespoke private coaching and mentoring blends proven Fortune 100 best practices, powerful neuroscience, holistic, and ancient wellbeing technique to lead amazing spirit driven women leaders and entrepreneurs to live with confidence, grace, joy, and success!  Beth x

Let’s work together…

Menopause Mentoring

6-One Hour Virtual Sessions


Leading menopausal (pre, post, hot flashes now…)

fabulous, beautiful, soul centred women 

to support their minds, bodies, and spirits

during this life-changing adventure!  


Learn to enjoy the wave of changes 

with a calm mindset plus easy techniques

to reduce stress and anxiety.


Confidence. Structure. Calm. Joy.

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Hello Beautiful!

Whilst menopause is a personal journey, my hope is that

“Your Bliss CEO Menopause Plan” will provide you with a

source of new confidence and frankly, a menopause strategy!


After several years of crazy menopausal issues from extreme oestrogen and

testosterone drops to more uncommon issues affecting my bladder,

I finally realized that my decades of global Fortune 100 business tools were relevant

to feeling better and managing my menopause adventure!


Yes, I’ve decided to view menopause as an adventure with twists and turns…

from screaming for the ride to end to enjoying complete bliss.

One of my favourite Fortune 100 business strategies is based on a concept whereby you

Shift “FROM” a current situation “TO” an

improved one based on success or …what I call BLISS GOALS!


You are an amazing woman with the fortitude to be a forward­ thinking

strategist for your own wellbeing.

Let’s get started!

You are on your way to being the Bliss CEO of Your Menopause Adventure!

Be Blissfully Well,

Beth x

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Menopause Mentoring Package

Be the Bliss CEO of Your Hormones! 

  • 2-Months (6 Private Virtual Sessions)
  • 3 Personal 1-Hour Sessions each Month via Zoom
  • Shift your body, mind, and spirit from chaos, hormonal imbalance to calm.
  • Create Your Menopause Bliss CEO Plan based on your health facts, your issues and symptoms.
  • Shift “from” brain fog, short-temperedness, joint aches, and more to feeling and looking better.
  • Authentic, easy, realistic mind, body, and spirit approaches. 
  • Learn to lead discussions with your menopause health and medical professionals.  
  • *This is not medical advice.  You are encouraged to speak to your medical and health professionals.
  • Private access to me via email during business hours. 
  • Monthly payment plan available. 
  • Appreciate Your Beauty.  Boost Your Energy!  Increase Your Confidence.
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What to Expect from Menopause Mentoring

with Me, Beth Kenney

  • You will receive a simple format to create Your Menopause Baseline comprised of your health facts and current issues  and quality of wellbeing. 
  • We will identify and prioritise your top 5 symptoms as well “your story”.  
  • Discover the key steps to “teaming” and leading discussions with your GP, medical or menopause specialist.  
  • Mentoring does not provide medical advice but will help you to clarify your menopause questions and concerns.
  • Learn the value and joy of keeping a Menopause / Wellbeing Journal.
  • Transformational coaching techniques to shift your state of mind.
  • Breathing techniques, face yoga, visualisation, and meditation practices are incorporated to support your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • We will uncover ways to “make space” in your busy life to support your body’s physical needs.
  • You will learn to let go and appreciate that you are doing your best.
  • After our 1st session together, you will have clear action items and new found confidence that better days are ahead. 
  • If a proven “short-cut” exists, I will share it with you.  I love a practical “hack”!
  • Your investment will deliver tangible, measurable results.
  • You will learn easy, practical techniques to support yourself with a calm mind and joy.

Shift from Hormone Chaos to Inner Calm

Look & Feel Better

Work with me!  


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No Hesitation...You're Gorgeous, Enjoy Your Life Today

ceo of your menopause plan


“Every thought we think is creating our future.” – Louise Hay

Please note, this is not medical advice or diagnosis.  You are encouraged to check with your medical professionals, thank you.