EMOTIONAL EXCELLENCE: Private Silent Counselling Packages with Beth

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EMOTIONAL EXCELLENCE: Private Silent Counselling Packages with Beth

Dear Beautiful You:

Understanding Silent Counselling…

Silent Counselling is a unique approach that allows for the release of negative emotions and thoughts without the need for verbal communication. Instead of talking about the problem, this technique focuses on acupressure points and the power of your own hands.

During a Silent Counselling session, you will be asked to think about a specific problem or negative emotion that is troubling you. There are no needles involved; instead, the emphasis is on the acupressure points and the energy flow within your body. As you focus on the problem, you may feel the sensation of the negative energy gradually dissipating, leaving you with a sense of relief.

The beauty of Silent Counselling is that it works on an energetic level, allowing for the release of the problem without delving into the emotional distress or fears that verbal recall may trigger. This makes it a gentle and effective method for addressing and resolving emotional pain.

I invite you to experience the simplicity and power of Silent Counselling for yourself.  Book a free Clarity Call with me, and during our session, I will demonstrate a quick technique so that you can witness its transformative potential firsthand.

May you find peace and release from any pain that weighs on your heart.

With warm regards,


Click! Free Clarity Call & Silent Counselling Preview with Beth


“I didn’t think something so simple, without talking, looking backwards, or digging for answers would work.  My issue was a present one regarding blocking my own success and procrastination. The root reason was uncovered without discussion and released. Have a session and you’ll get what I’m saying!”

Personal Trainer, Kickboxer, Empowered Woman, London, Age 33



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Discover the Power of Emotional Mastery with Silent Counselling

Introducing Silent Counselling, the groundbreaking holistic therapy that allows you to release emotions and find profound tranquility without the need for verbal communication.

Ready to Break Free from the Pain?

Experience Relief Without Revisiting the Past

Silent Counselling offers a revolutionary approach to healing and transformation. Through gentle, non-invasive Meridian “energy” therapy, I target your pain, anxieties, and the root causes of your distress by focusing on negative emotions and thought patterns.

What Makes My Clients Rave?

Why Do Psychologists Stand in Awe?

No need to talk about your issues. No need to relive past trauma, hurt, or fear. No need to delve into years of childhood or personal history. No acupressure needles. Virtual, individual sessions for your convenience.

How Does Silent Counselling Work?

As a Certified Silent Counsellor, I help you to release negative emotions and thoughts by working on specific acupressure points on your own hands, face, 3-points on torso —no needles involved. You’ll experience the sensation of negative energy draining away from your body, fading into the distance.

Instead of talking, I’ll guide you to think about a problem or negative emotion associated with it. Silent Counselling then energetically releases the problem, bypassing potential emotional distress or fears of verbal recall.

You’re invited to discover the simplicity and power of Silent Counselling. Experience the profound transformation it can bring to your life.

Release the hurt and embrace a new sense of peace and well-being.

Book your PRIVATE COUNSELLING PACKAGE with me today and embark on a journey of healing and empowerment.  

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Are You My Beautiful Client? Ready to Embrace Silent Counselling…Inner Peace & Vibrance


My beautiful Silent Counselling client is a woman aged 18 years or older, residing anywhere in the world. Whether you are divorced, married, separated, single, with or without children, Silent Counselling is available to support you. If you desire to create balance in various areas of your life, including personal, family, and professional aspects, Silent Counselling can be a valuable tool.

If you seek support for your emotional wellbeing and are ready to reclaim your sense of self, Silent Counselling can provide the guidance you need. It is particularly beneficial for those who wish to manage their emotions and thoughts more effectively, freeing themselves from being stuck and wasting time.

If you long for peace of mind, clarity, and the ability to heal your body and support your overall wellness, Silent Counselling offers a beautiful pathway. It is important to note that Silent Counselling is not about reliving past trauma but rather about releasing it and moving forward with renewed strength and vitality.

By aligning your mind, body, and spirit, you can tap into the flow of life and experience the transformative power of Silent Counselling. It provides a unique opportunity to release pain, trauma, fears, anxieties, and blocks that may be holding you back from living your best life.

To embark on this transformative journey, I invite you to book a free Clarity Call with me. Together, we will explore how Silent Counselling can support your specific needs and goals.

I look forward to connecting with you.



Unlock the Power Within: Book Your Complimentary Clarity Call Today and Embrace the Transformation with Silent Counselling

“When your inner vision opens, your outer horizons expand.” – Louise Hay


Embracing the Power of Patience

For the longest time, patience was not a quality I possessed. It eluded me in my corporate career, relationships, and various aspects of my busy life. However, something has shifted, and I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of patience.

What triggered this change in mindset? It was a series of readings that I stumbled upon one morning during my quiet time. The idea that “patience equates to power” had never crossed my mind before. I had always seen patience as an annoyance, but suddenly, I found myself drawn to the concept of shifting my perspective.

Now, I see patience as the power to fully enjoy today, this very moment. It’s the understanding that everything we desire—our visions, opportunities, prayers, soulmates, and dreams—will manifest in due time. There is a sense of peace that comes with trusting the timing of the universe.

I hope that sharing this insight with you has provided a fresh and calm perspective to carry you through your busy day. May you embrace the power of patience and experience the blessings that unfold in their own perfect time.

Wishing you bliss and abundance,

Beth x

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The Growing Popularity of Complementary & Holistic Therapies Worldwide


In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the integration of complementary and holistic therapies within leading hospitals around the world. These institutions recognize the importance of addressing patients’ health and well-being in a more comprehensive and holistic manner, encompassing not only conventional medicine but also lifestyle advice and various therapeutic approaches.

In the United States, renowned academic hospitals such as Harvard, Yale, Duke, and Johns Hopkins have embraced the inclusion of complementary therapies as part of their medical offerings. Patients now have access to a range of therapies including Reiki, hypnotherapy, Chinese herbal therapy, acupuncture, guided imagery, and homeopathy. These therapies are recognized for their potential to enhance overall well-being and promote healing alongside traditional medical treatments (Keefe, J. 2017 “Here are the therapies offered by top academics…”).

In the United Kingdom, the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, which is affiliated with the NHS Foundation Trust and the University College Hospitals, is dedicated to considering the whole person and their environment in the pursuit of optimal health and well-being (NHS Royal Foundation, May 2021). They recognize the importance of integrating complementary and holistic approaches to healthcare, aiming to provide patients with a comprehensive range of options for their well-being.

The incorporation of these complementary and holistic therapies by leading hospitals worldwide reflects a growing recognition of the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By considering the whole person and their environment, these institutions are pioneering a more integrative approach to healthcare that empowers patients to take an active role in their own healing and wellness journey.

As the popularity of complementary and holistic therapies continues to rise, it highlights the evolving landscape of healthcare and the increasing importance placed on a patient-centered, holistic approach to well-being.

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Please note, this is not medical advice or diagnosis.  You are encouraged to check with your medical professionals, thank you.