Elite Accelerator: 1-Day or Weekend Private Coaching with Beth

Elite Accelerator: Transformative 1-Day or Weekend Intensive Coaching with Beth


Unlock your full potential and ignite your passion for wellbeing and life with the exclusive Elite Accelerator program. Join me for a dynamic 1-day or weekend intensive designed to propel you towards your goals and cultivate a radiant and fulfilling existence.

During this immersive experience, we will delve deep into every aspect of your life, including your values, passions, wellbeing, business, commitments, and priority issues. Drawing from the proven strategies of Fortune 100 practices and incorporating holistic therapies like Silent Counselling, we will rapidly pinpoint key areas for growth and create a customized blueprint tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Throughout our time together, you will receive personalized guidance, practical tools, and actionable steps that will bring you closer to achieving your desired outcomes. By the end of our transformative journey, you will possess a clear and realistic plan that empowers you to take decisive action with unwavering clarity, purpose, and passion.

I cordially invite you to embark on this extraordinary adventure with me, where we will embrace your passion, wellbeing, and life with an unwavering focus and radiant energy.

Blissful regards, Beth x

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“My busyness has shifted to more impactful days, meetings, and joy.  One Day with Beth Created 10-Free Hours A Week!”

“Beth immediately supported me by showing the inefficiencies in my daily activities, particularly my diary. Meetings were controlling me.  Outcomes were less than effective.  By incorporating a few easy techniques, I now have on average an extra 2-hours a day (10-hours a week) to focus on leadership strategy and other more impactful initiatives, not to mention my partner!  She also gave me step-by step guidance to improve my self-care and to start focusing on my legacy vision…”

Confidential ELITE Private Client, Chief Legal Counsel, Geneva, Age 47


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Prior to your ELITE session, a Pre-VIP call will be scheduled to identify your agenda and expectations, ensuring a personalised and meticulously tailored experience.

Choose between a 1-Day Intensive in London or a Virtual Session, with the option for in-person sessions outside of England open for discussion. *Contact us for Beth’s for upcoming cities —  bliss@lemonbaywellbeing.com.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful,  intense and dynamic strategy day focused on you — your life, your key issues and priorities that will ignite your wellbeing, passion and life right now.  We will unpack issues, clear emotions, and jump start your new focus.

Experience step-by-step guidance as we delve into your unique needs, relationships, self-care, challenges, and goals.  I will provide you with practical tools, worksheets, templates, and resources to support your amazing transformative and holistic journey.

As my ELITE client, I will provide you  with components of a bespoke “Blueprint” for your “wholeness-focused” life  featuring easy-to-implement, actionable items that will encourage you to forge forward with confidence and new found radiance from the inside out.  

If business (or career) is top of mind for you, we will be sure to focus on your objectives, challenges, advancement, profits, measurable outcomes, and vision leveraging proven executive strategies and holistic practices.  

Empty Nest? Or, Soon to Be...We will sit back and assess your current situation, emotions, commitments, and relationships from an objective perspective.  I’ll help you tap into your inner wisdom, long held dreams, new ideas,  and more.  You have so much to enjoy, offer, and share.

Additionally, I will support your emotional wellbeing with the most relevant holistic therapies for your transformative radiant journey.  Examples may include Silent Counselling, Theta Healing, Reiki, breath and meditation practices tailored to your specific needs.

After your ELITE experience, you will have access to me during business hours for an entire month, allowing for ongoing support and guidance as you implement your newfound vital focus. 

To wrap up the program, a 1-hour POST-ELITE virtual follow-up call will be scheduled to address any remaining questions and new issues.

ELITE ACCELERATOR: 1-DAY OR WEEKEND TRANSFORMATIVE  PRIVATE COACHING is designed to fast-track your progress and empower you to achieve remarkable results in a condensed timeframe.

Let’s embark on this  fabulous transformative journey together.

P.S. — Laughter is a given! Beth

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“Oh my goodness, what an amazing day! The best thing that I’ve done for myself in ages!”

“I knew from our Clarity Call that Beth that understood my situation…unexpectedly broke-up with a long-term partner, expecting to stay in the empty nest together. I had been reading books, talking to friends…just knew I needed to do something now.  Beth jumped in…using her experience to quickly prioritise my issues and needs whilst sprinkling in amazing holistic hacks as she called them…I left feeling uplifted, clear, confident, and excited to move forward…”

Confidential ELITE Private Client,  Stay at Home Fabulous Mum, London, Age 54

What Does An ELITE Client Look Like?


My ELITE client is a busy woman committed to placing a premium value on her holistic well-being (self-care, mind, body, soul) and embracing a vibrant, “whole” life with passion.  She’s ready to take action now and better yet, experience results.


Some of my clients live in London. Others live around the world.

  • You value time.  You’re ready to go!
  • You appear to have it all but still feel something is missing?
  • Keen to up-level your perspective, your passion for life and wellbeing
  • Desire to forge forward feeling and looking fabulous 
  • Woman ready to invest in herself.
  • The woman next door…or jet-setting!
  • Married, Single, Widowed, Same-Sex Partners, Divorced
  • Children, no children, Fur-Baby Mums
  • Soon to be empty nesters, or have an empty nest
  • Career,  Business Owner, Stay at Home Mom, Never Worked, Retired, Shifting a Side-Hustle to a Thriving Business…
  • Bored, Tired, Burned Out, Unfulfilled
  • Ready to stop being concerned with others’ opinions 
  • Looking for a love again? Or, new friends, opportunities, adventures…
  • Have a career or business?…Any industry, service, product or offering
  • Entrepreneur – perhaps, with limited business acumen
  • Desire support for your emotional wellbeing post-divorce or life change
  • Finding your feet again, managing emotions, juggling everything
  • Tired of wasting time, being stuck, not finding relevant solutions
  • Seek a different level of success, fulfilment, sustainability, and wealth 

She’s fabulous today and keen to keep being fabulous, healthy, passionate, looking and feeling better at every stage of life!


Your ELITE...Jump Start Your Journey to Nurture Your Success

“Beth helped me immensely by connecting me to the right people. She’s a networking queen…”

“Beth has a vast network of contacts and excels in building and maintaining relationships. When I relocated and began to build my network in a new area, Beth helped me immensely by connecting me to the right people. She is a master at taking a concept from idea to implementation.”

Confidential ELITE Private Coaching Client, Chief HR Officer, South Florida…Age 49


“When your inner vision opens, your outer horizons expand.” – Louise Hay

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Please note, this is not medical advice or diagnosis.  You are encouraged to check with your medical professionals, thank you.