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“He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician.”  

Chinese Proverb


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Your Breath & Body

Long-COVID?  Fatigue?

Anxiety?  PTSD?


Michele Miller

Masters Integrated

Therapies &

Clinical Hypnosis



“Recent studies have found that some  Long-Covid symptoms are forms of PTSD…conditions triggered by life threatening events, trauma, and anxiety…combined with unprecedented lockdown measures…”

Royal College General Practioners 

Wealth is Health… 

Couples Packages 


Taelor Bennett

Naturopath Nutrition


Master Coach & NLP


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How’s Your Eating?

Need a Realistic Plan?


Individual 60-Min.



Taelor Bennett

Naturopath Nutrition


Master Coach & NLP

“Little goes unnoticed when Taelor is your coach.  Her keen insight and experience picks up on nuances to further expand your overall wellbeing…”

Tense?  Tired?  

Struggle to Relax?



Distance Reiki

60-Min. Virtual


Rachel Tidball

Master Reiki Usui

Natural Healing 


Did you know your endocrine system aligns  with your chakras (energy centres)?”


“Rachel leverages energy to calm your mind and body.  Reiki is an ancient practice that stimulates your  parasympathetic nervous for deep relaxation and healing.  She’s trained for years under a renown Master Teacher…”

Ready to Get in Shape?  

Emotions Controlling You?


Martial Arts




Individual Virtual



Madlen Buchbauer 

Black Belt 

Certified Personal Trainer 


“Madlen is a remarkable force.  She teaches you how to effectively move for maximum results.  Her confidence and discipline are contagious…”


Ready Strengthen Your Core? 


Wellbeing with Soul

All Levels


Happy Soul Yoga… 

60-Min. Virtual 



Enjoy Cool Music 


to Ancient Chimes


Ebba Nalini Aditi

Certified Hatha, Vinyasa,

Pilates, Yin Yoga…more


“Your session is always tailored to your needs from calming, gentle movements to fierce warrior postures.  It’s all about you in that moment with music to match the mood…”


Beginning Yoga?  



All Levels



Enjoy Bliss…

Ancient Sequences of Movement

Mind – Body – Spirit


Ashtanga Yoga

90-Min. Virtual 


Milka Hutna

Elite Qualifications under

Sharath Jois, Mysore India




“Years ago, I engaged Milka to teach me Ashtanga to prepare for my yoga teachers training.  Her guidance for my then inflexible body was amazing!”


Lemon Bay Wellbeing Founder  

Stressed?   Busy Mind?


Sleep Issues?

Weak Immunity?


Sound Healing

Ancient  “Medicine” of Frequency

60-Min. Virtual 



Sound Visionary Artist


“Sound healing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system stimulating deep relaxation. Nadia’s sessions deliver sensational vibrations that will continue to stimulate your nervous system for days…”


Desire to Feel Better

About Your Body?


Positive Imagery

 60-Min. Virtual


Michele Miller

Masters Integrated


Clinical Hypnosis


“Michele helps you in a variety of ways from leveraging proven NLP methods to clinical hypnosis to safely uncover issues or blocks.  You will move forward with increased self-esteem, confidence and life long tools…”

chief wellbeing officer

Feeling Your Age?

Desire to Switch

Things Up? 


It’s Never Too Late


Age & Attitude




Beth Kenney


Chief Wellbeing Officer

“Learn to tap into your imagination and other inner super powers with a twist…leveraging your many years of wit, wisdom and experience.  Adventures still abound…Let’s go!”


Weak Immunity?

Desire More Energy?


Individual Virtual



Taelor Bennett

Masters NLP

Life Coach

Naturopath Nutritional



“Taelor will help you improve your overall wellbeing as well as support your life goals…

all from the inside out.”

Little to No Flexibility?

Chronic  Pain?


Stretch Flow & Go



Amy Laithwaite

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Postural Restoration

Trained Canadian National Ballet

Enjoy a Quick Stretch


Individual Virtual 

30-Min. & 60-Min.


Amy Laithwaite

Fascial Stretch Therapy 

Postural Restoration


“Amy will assess your posture, stance and walk to provide you with the best fascial stretch practice for your needs.  She is passionate about movement and wellbeing…”

“Your wellbeing is something to nurture…one  moment, one opportunity at a time, enjoy the flow…”  

Beth, Island Founder