Love Your Skin

Love Your Skin!

Beth’s Approach is Different…Breath “Cocktail” Practices & Face Yoga

Beth believes in focusing on the wellness of the whole body using a range of simple scientifically proven breathing techniques drawn from yoga, other ancient traditions and modern science to alleviate stress, increase circulation and oxygen flow to the body…GLOWING SKIN & BREATH!


What is Anti-Ageing Facial Yoga?

It is a series of exercises that relax and tone the facial muscles. There are 43 muscles in the face covered by three layers of skin. Different from the body, the muscles of the face attach directly to the skin.

When the facial muscles are not exercised regularly other than chewing, frowning or smiling, the skin will begin to droop, sag and lose its suppleness.


When Will You See Results? 

Like everything on the Island…The pace is relaxed.  

This is not a quick fix.    Remember, you’re on “virtual” island time…

Your results depend on how much the facial muscles have deteriorated, lifestyle, stress and other factors. You usually feel an immediate difference after a few sessions. Your skin’s glow is due to the increase oxygen flow, facial massage and overall reduction of tension and stress. The jawline and neck tend to take longer than other areas of your face. The best results appear after several months of disciplined practice that helps build your facial muscles gradually.


Botox? Fillers?…Only Your Opinion Matters.

Face Yoga and related practices tend to complement cosmetic treatments.  You are always encouraged to check with your health or medical professionals.   This is not medical advice, thank you.

Glow.  Breathe. Be Blissfully Well.   Bx

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