Interested in Women’s Health? Read this…

Are you keen to learn more about women’s health?

Hormones holding you hostage? Concerned about Ageing & Longevity?

Check this book out…

“The XX Brain: Groundbreaking Science Empowering Women to Prevent Dementia”

by Dr. Lisa Mosconi, PhD (published 10 March 2020)

Dr. Mosconi states ”…many of the common conditions affecting women of all ages, from depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia, along with …hormonal imbalances, diabetes, obesity and heart disease…it is never too late to take care of yourself.  No matter where you start, the benefits are scientifically undeniable.  By virtue of sharpening our personal choices, we can free ourselves the expense and side effects of ‘magic pill’ medications, from meekly accepting ’luck of the draw’ and from succumbing to invasive treatments and surgeries…”

Dr. Lisa Mosconi, PhD, Director of The Women’s Brain Initiative and Associate Director of Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College/New York Presbyterian Hospital where she serves as an Assoc. Professor of Neuroscience in Neurology & Radiation as well as adjunct faculty Dept. Psychiatry and Nutrition at New York University School of Medicine.

Thank you Dr. Mosconi for helping us understand and love our crazy hormones! 

Discover more in your island’s  “Women’s Health” Cove…Be Well. Be Balanced. Be Bliss.

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