HOW-TO Approach Your Virtual Island

“HOW-TO” Approach Your Virtual Island…


  • Explore Your “WELLBEING COVES”…to surf your offerings by interest.
  • Membership is not required.
  • Guest Members Welcome!
  • Island Offers – Two Levels of Membership:
  • Aloha Members… Enjoy One Private Virtual Session a Month with the Wellbeing Expert of Your Choice.
  • Lokahi Members…Mix-Up Your Experts!  Enjoy Four (4) Private Virtual Sessions a Month.  Choose the same expert or mix-up your services.


What You Will Not Find on Your Island?


Your “Island” does not offer quick lose weight plans and gimmicks.  Your experts are qualified professionals.

Lemon Bay Wellbeing Ltd. does not provide medical advice or diagnosis. You are always encouraged to check with your health and medical  providers.  Mahalo (Thank you).


What Happens on Your Virtual “Island”?


Improved peace of mind, body and spirit alignment to support your overall wellbeing today and in the future…

Take notice, excess emotional baggage often gets lost.

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