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If you are unsure where to begin your transformational life journey, please complete and submit an application form for a Clarity Call with us, thank you.   

With Respect to Expectations...Here’s What We are Not:
  • We are not a “quick fix” lose weight plan, fitness tracker with dozens of fitness videos, trendy gimmicks and fads.
  • We are not a healthcare or medical screening provider.
  • We do not provide medical advice or diagnosis.
  • You are encouraged to check with your health or medical provider regarding any questions or concerns.  
What Happens in Private Coaching & VIP Intensive Days?

One a Private Coaching Package, VIP Intensive Day, or Workplace Wellbeing Offering has been confirmed with the appropriate deposit, you will receive a concierge call to book and confirm the appointment(s)/ session(s). You will then receive emails with a virtual meeting links and related reminders. 

As a Private Coaching or VIP Intensive Day client, your initial discussions will to identify the key themes that support your mind, body, spirit, career and wellbeing goals and issues. Beth Kenney will work with you via private virtual sessions to achieve results  — combining proven, practical methods with bespoke solutions —  to achieve your goals. 

You will be guided and supported throughout your journey.  You will can actively learn with expert guidance the easiest ways to incorporate new habits, power, and energy into your everyday life. 

Please note, you are asked to kindly requested to cancel or reschedule before 48-hours of your appointment.  

Special note, the other qualified experts’ unique offerings are managed in a slightly different manner.  You will receive a concierge call to discuss appointment details and more…

Confidence.  Support. Results. 

Workplace Wellbeing Workshops & Offerings

Your Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and Offerings are developed and presented by experienced, qualified experts — ranging from corporate leaders to immensely qualified coaches, NLP leaders, mentors and more.  Be assured, the quality of the content and delivery is first class, inclusive, and workplace appropriate.   

We believe Workplace Wellbeing offerings should embrace tranquility and take your employees, teams, departments and organisations to mindful places whilst focusing on business performance and wellbeing goals. 

We will work with you based on key themes that support your organisation’s goals, wellbeing issues, strategic business obstacles, executive leadership, productivity, career development, and/or imperatives. Your presenter and Workplace Wellbeing Concierge will work with you virtually to identify the best strategy to achieve your goals.  

Please contact us to discuss bespoke programmes, keynote speakers…and more.  We have a vast global network.

Live, In-Person Workplace Wellbeing Offerings are available, please contact us for a discussion  Thank you.

Cancellation Notice & Fees

We kindly request a 48-hour cancellation notice for all booked services.  After 48-hours, fees or sessions in most instances will not be refunded or rebooked — exceptions are considered for Private Coaching and VIP Intensive clients.  

Please kindly note that all of our offerings are non-refundable this includes all Private Coaching & Mentoring Services / Packages, VIP Intensive Days, Menopause Mentoring, Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and all services.  Private Coaching & Mentoring Clients being billed on a monthly basis as part of a 12-month package are requested to provide a 60-day cancellation notice, thank you. 

Kindly send cancellation requests or questions to  

Payment Methods

We accept a variety of global currency gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and most major credit cards.   Payment options are available, please contact us for discussion.

Send queries to, thank you.

More Questions?

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From tiny, tiny waves of joy, one gets to the ocean of happiness which is called bliss.”  – Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi