COVID & Your Breath

COVID & Your Breath…

Current research from US, China and other countries have shown that nose breathing is our first line of defence. The nose is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial….and more. 

Most people wake up breathing at appx. 17 breaths per minute. If you were running for your life, you would be breathing at appx. 22 breaths per minute. The body was designed to run at 5-6 breaths per minute. The “Coherent Breath or “Universal Breath” (we affectionately refer to it as the “Bliss Breath”) is the key our bodies operating at their peak efficiency. 

This “bliss” practice at the heart of Lemon Bay Wellbeing. Most of services include teaching you – groups, employees, individuals – the benefits of breathing – inhaling, exhaling – at a slow count, through the nose with belly rising and falling.

Why? Universal breathing serves as both prevention and repair. It’s one of the secrets used by Kenyan runners. It brings the system into balance. This breathing technique creates a calm energy that makes the “waves of the body coordinate via a dominant brainwave frequency of 7.83 hz, as defined by The Science of Flow.” 

As Neuroanatomist Bud Craig has shown, Universal Breath increases positive effects, reduces negative effects and optimises the oxygen levels at the cell. It soothes the right front insula, the area of the brain where body meets brain (or the mind) …and more.

Find out more see “Body & Breath”… Be Well. Breathe. 

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