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Life & Leadership Coach | Mentor | Founder |Entrepreneur | Holistic Wellbeing | Keynote Speaker

Silent Counselling Certified, Master Reiki Usui Natural Healing Instructor, Theta Healer®, Yoga Nidra, Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Face Yoga, Breath Instructor, Menopause Mentor, Accredited Member British School of Meditation, NLP, Intuitive Mentor

About Beth Kenney

Don’t Let Your Success, Stop Your Dreams

As a woman business owner, professional or entrepreneur, you face a number of unique challenges that can impact your ability to bring your dreams to fruition now.

You Need a Blueprint.  A Plan to Discover or Remember…Your Values, Vision, Passions, Skills, Strengths & More….

Whilst you may need to manage your current role and responsibilities, I help you assess where you currently stand in your business, (or desire for one), finances (however relevant), goals (business, personal), values, wellbeing, emotional mindset…and more. 

For instance, if you are a current business owner, it may be a good time to make any necessary adjustments to your existing business model to ensure it’s sustainable and profitable as you explore new more fulfilling life endeavours. 

You need a clear understanding and a realistic plan or “blueprint” so you can make informed decisions about how to move forward with defined actions and measurable results.  I will provide your with relevant resources and step-by-step support for your unique situation.

Fabulous, Fulfillment, Success, Significance…My Definition of a Whole Life

Hmm…Work-Life Balance? I define “Life” as business, work, life, family, dreams, wellbeing, everything!  It’s all inclusive, coherent, whole, meant to ebb and flow, and impermeable.  Life’s “learnings” are meant to be embraced in their entirety – good, bad, messy, and everything in between.  My coaching style is bold yet compassionate. I will lead you to discover how to enjoy your “whole life” and to trust your intuition, leverage your strengths, master your emotions, receive tangible results…as you move forward in your passion driven journey.

Here’s My Journey…So Far!

I am a rarity in the coaching industry. I bring over 30+ years of global Fortune 100 business experience, NLP, executive coaching, complex sales, and leadership training with expert holistic wellbeing qualifications to include Certified Theta Healing, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Face Yoga, Breath Instructor, British School of Meditation Certified Instructor, Yoga Therapy for Menopause, Reiki Usui Natural Healing Master, and Silent Counselling.

During my university days, I earned money working as a department store promotional model and skincare representative for Estee Lauder.  After graduating the University of Dayton at age 20, my corporate career began at a subsidiary of Bell South in sales, followed by a series of management and growth roles including writing speeches for the CEO of a leading US utility  company, managing 120+ sales and marketing team, co-leading the business development of $220 million-dollar international practice in New York, to being a commissioned based global business development director in both US and UK responsible for millions in new annual revenue. For many years, I was expected to sign a “sales” contract to keep my role.  The highest annual sales quota agreement was $15-million.  I delivered $17-million that year.

I have divorced, succeeded, failed, overlooked my heart filled desires, played hard, lost big, experienced years of migraines, and related health issues from stress, clocked thousands of air miles in the name of business, and survived to tell the tale!  I married out of fear and divorced trusting my intuition.  Better yet, I made the big, scary leap from “living worried about other’s opinions and expectations” — or at least that was my perception — to now living my life as an entrepreneur with passion and purpose.  And yes, some days flow easier than others.

After decades of corporate driven success and amazing holistic training, I feel blessed to support women to gain clarity on their priorities and goals, develop bespoke action plans “blueprints”, and make meaningful progress towards creating lives that feel purposeful, fulfilling, radiant, and deeply satisfying. 

Am I afraid? Yes. Do I still wrestle with fear? Yes.  The difference today is that I choose to follow my inner wisdom, embrace acceptance, hold to my faith, press on to be courageous, confident. 

By the way, my passion for skincare and wellbeing from my 20’s remains strong.  My global travel has always included exploring local skincare practices, exotic skin elixirs, hidden chemist shops, and more. I even trained as a Yoga Teacher at age 50!  I will forever wear lipstick, lip gloss, mascara…it’s fun and makes me feel even more fabulous!  Feeling fabulous is just one secret to being confident.  I will forever continue to help others, learn, grow, laugh, be kind, and deepen my faith.



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From Successful to Significant

“Beth is my grown up coach! I raised one workshop’s fees by 3x”and sold it”…Confidence!

After my divorce, I decided to turn my “side-hustle” into a full pledged business.  Whilst I managed to earn money and pay bills, the first few years fluctuated from feast to famine.  I realised that my ex-husband had always managed the finances.  Although, I was shall we say north of 45-years old, I really didn’t know how to manage finances let alone increase profit margins. Beth is teaching me pricing strategies, time management, and how to build infrastructure.  She recently challenged me to increase a new workshop’s fees by almost 3x higher.  I sold 8 places in less than 48-hours.  I call her my “grown-up” coach because she provides the business rationale to my creative endeavours…”  

Confidential Private Client, Scotland (FYI, this beautiful client prefers gorgeous lipgloss!)

You're Successful... Now Let's Plan Your Life Significance

Private, Virtual, In-Person Coaching with Beth


Bespoke Private (Virtual or In-Person)  Fabulous Coaching 

with Beth Kenney 

Are you a high-achieving, successful woman who has it all – success, money, and glamour – but still feels unfulfilled?

Let’s work together to celebrating your unique strengths and success to create a “whole” life plan that leverages your experience, prioritises wellbeing and fulfilment that align with your passion-driven purpose and projects.  

I will support you with step-by-step guidance, proven practical resources, holistic approaches for optimal mind, body, and spirit alignment…

You can enjoy your best life now on every level.  


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Ready to Jump Start Your Purpose? Your Plan?

Spend a VIP Intensive Life Planning Day with Beth


VIP Intensive Planning & Coaching Day

with Beth Kenney 

Keen to Jump Start Your Coaching Journey?

A concentrated day of assessing your needs, goals, business (offerings, budgets, sales…), passion project,  your vision, juggling commitments, family, life, relationships, wellbeing…

Simple, Realistic Action Steps

Whole Life “Blueprint” in One Day 

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No Talking... Holistic Therapy to Release Trauma & Emotions


Silent Counselling & You

Ready to Release the Hurt?  Feel Better Without Reliving the Past Events?

Silent Counselling is a simple, non-traumatic, non-invasive. Meridian “energy” therapy that addresses your pain, anxieties, and the root of your distress by focusing on the negative emotions and thought patterns.


Why Do Clients Rave?

Why are Psychologists Amazed?

  • NO talking about your issues.     
  • NO need to relive the past trauma, hurt, or fear.
  • NO digging into years of childhood, adolescence, history…
  • NO acupressure needles.
  • VIRTUAL, Individual  Sessions

How Does Silent Counselling Work? 

Negative emotions and thoughts are released by working on acupressure points (no needles), your hands (not mine).  You will feel the sensation of the negative energy draining your body fade away.  You will be asked to think (not talk) about a problem or negative emotion associated with the problem.  Silent Counselling then releases the problem energetically thereby avoiding the possible emotional distress or fears of verbal recall.  

You are invited to experience Silent Counselling’s simplicity and power. 

Book a FREE a Clarity Call with Beth.   I’ll share a technique with you.  You’ll see for yourself. Bx


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Thoughts Not Talk 

No need to relive past traumas. 

Desire Your Vision of Success?

Corporate Burn Out?    Time to Transition into Something New?

Divorce or Break-Up Created New Priorities?  

Seriously Empty Nest?   Feel Invisible?

Successful, Yet Unfulfilled?

Let’s talk about the best ways to turn a hobby into a business, advance your career, be a single parent, live with an empty nest, find your fabulous, radiant self again…

We will cut to the chase with proven, simple, easy executive and life coaching tools.

Be Bold | Trust | You Can Do This

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