Fortune 100 Global Business Woman

Transformational Coach | Mentor | Founder | Chief Wellbeing Officer

Wellbeing Advocate, Master Reiki Usui Natural Healing Instructor, Theta Healer®, Yoga Nidra, Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Face Yoga, Breath Instructor, Menopause Mentor, Accredited Member British School of Meditation, Intuitive  Mentor

About Beth Kenney

I help amazing spirit centred  leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to ignite and align their minds, bodies, and spirits to attract what they really want in their purpose driven busy lives today.

My powerful coaching and mentoring bridges the gaps between corporate Fortune 100 best practices, spirituality, complementary holistic wellbeing and executive coaching.  You will look and feel better from the inside out.  

I will show you that you have the inner power to change reality on your terms with confidence, clarity, ease, and joy.


Choose a Bespoke Powerful Coaching Packages… 3 or 12-Months (Payment Options)

  • Create a Life Plan with Realistic Actions & Expectations For Your Busy Life

  • Boost Your Business Prowess with CEO Fortune 100 Business Tools 

  • Learn to sell yourself and offerings with confidence. 
  • Personalised Complementary Holistic Therapies — Reiki, Theta Healing, Meditation, & More

  • Increase Your Energy & Reduce Stress

  • Breath Techniques & Personalised Recordings — proven by renowned neuroscientists.

  • Gain Confidence & Decision-Making 

  • Trust Your Inner “Knowingness”

  • Accelerate Business – Life Growth & Prosperity

  • Achieve Tangible, Measurable Results

  • Better Decisions. Increased Abundance. Stronger Faith. Peace of Mind. 

“I believe your spirit, your faith is the backbone of success and life lived well. It’s your time to awaken your soul and reap the rewards you can attract into your business and lifestyle.  Over the course of my Fortune 100 global career, I witnessed individuals on the cusp of incredible growth fail to achieve their visions not through lack of trying, but because they were unable to make the appropriate alignment of mind, body, and spirit at the right place and time. Frequently all that is required is identifying the nuance of a situation, a slight shift with a new perspective to achieve equilibrium. A calm mind and centred spirit always achieve more. You are a wondrous, amazing Creation, live like it.”  

Be Blissfully Well & Blessings,


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Private Coaching | VIP Intensive Day | Workplace Wellbeing


Private Coaching Packages…Choose Luxe or Silver

Your life is busy yet you crave more purpose in your life without more time commitments.  I’ll show you how to shift from minor realignments to bold moves to create your purpose driven life, legacy, and career.   

Purpose | Confidence | Results

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VIP Intensive Day – – 6 Hours 

with Beth Kenney 

A concentrated day of strategising your vision, your life plan, your everyday life with practical actions and tools to ignite your mind, body, and spirit. 

Clarity | Confidence | Action 

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We Do Workplace Wellbeing Differently...


Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Our team of qualified business leaders will design bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Workshops tailored to your organisation, teams, and employees.  

  • Incorporating Proven Neuroscience to Improve ROI
  • Fortune 100 Best Practices & Techniques
  • Breath Techniques & NLP…Improve Productivity, Reduce Stress 
  • Concierge Support to Manage the Details
  • Keynote Speakers & More

Inclusive | Appropriate | Virtual | In-Person

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Private Coaching Your Best Investment

Beth Kenney



Menopause Mentoring

with Beth Kenney

Your CEO Menopause Plan

Learn to Manage Your Wellbeing

& Menopause Adventure! 

Shift from Hormonal Chaos to Calm

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Evidence from Leading Universities, Hospitals, and Medical Institutions

The Rise of Complimentary & Holistic

Therapies Around the World

Leading hospitals around the world now have integrated or complimentary medicine centres to support patients by in a more holistic manner complete with lifestyle advice, therapies and more…

In the USA, 15 academic hospitals such as Harvard, Yale, Duke and Johns Hopkins now offer Reiki, hypnotherapy, Chinese herbal therapy, acupuncture, guided imagery, homeopathy…(Keefe, J. 2017 “Here are the therapies offered by top academics…”).

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, part of the NHS Foundation Trust and the University College Hospitals, state that they “consider the whole person and their environment in the quest for optimal health and wellbeing”…(NHS Royal Foundation May 2021).

“The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.”  

Ralph W. Sockman