Fortune 100 Global Business Woman

Life & Leadership Coach | Mentor | Founder | Chief Wellbeing Officer | Keynote Speaker

Wellbeing Advocate, Master Reiki Usui Natural Healing Instructor, Theta Healer®, Yoga Nidra, Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Face Yoga, Breath Instructor, Menopause Mentor, Accredited Member British School of Meditation, Intuitive  Mentor

About Beth Kenney

I help women make positive changes that elevate their lives and careers by learning how to maximise their strengths rather than concentrating on weaknesses, master their emotions, align with their souls, trust their inner “divine wisdom”, and empower themselves to renew their minds and love their lives. 

Discover the Peace of Progress over Perfection

My amazing clients are busy women. They are successful yet often unfulfilled, undervalued, burned out, doubting their decisions, lack time to pursue their heart felt ambitions,  shift careers, and, or feel “locked in” due to family and financial commitments.  

Divorce is Your Springboard to a Better, Whole Life

“Life” is all inclusive, coherent, whole, meant to ebb and flow, and impermeable.    Life’s “learnings” are meant to be embraced in their entirety – good, bad, messy and everything in between. My coaching style is bold yet compassionate. I will lead you to discover how to enjoy your life and to trust your intuition.  

Here’s My Journey…So Far!

I am a rarity in the coaching industry. I bring over 30+ years of global Fortune 100 business experience, NLP, executive coaching, complex sales, and leadership training with expert holistic wellbeing qualifications to include Certified Theta Healing, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Face Yoga, Breath Instructor, British School of Meditation Certified Instructor, Yoga Therapy for Menopause, and Reiki Usui Natural Healing Master. 

During my university days, I earned money working as a department store promotional model and skincare representative for Estee Lauder.  After graduating the University of Dayton at age 20, my corporate career began at a subsidiary of Bell South in sales, followed by a series of management and growth roles including writing speeches for the CEO of a leading utility US company, managing 120+ sales and marketing team, co-leading the business development of $220 million-dollar international practice, to being a commissioned based global business development director responsible for $17million in new annual revenue. For many years, I was expected to sign a “sales” contract to keep my role.  The highest annual sales quota agreement was $15 million dollars.   

I have succeeded, failed, divorced, overlooked my heart filled desires, played hard, lost big, experienced years of migraines, and related health issues from stress, clocked thousands of air miles, and survived to tell the tale!  I married out of fear and divorced trusting my intuition.  Better yet, I made the big, scary leap from “living worried about other’s opinions and expectations” — or at least that was my perception — to now living my life with passion and purpose.  

Was I afraid? Do I still wrestle with fear? Yes.  The difference today is that I choose  to follow my inner wisdom, to be courageous, and confident. 

By the way, my passion for skincare and wellbeing from my 20’s remains strong.  My global travel has always included exploring local skincare practices, exotic skin elixirs, hidden chemist shops, and more. I even trained as a Yoga Teacher at age 50!  I will forever where lipstick, lip gloss, mascara…it’s fun and makes me feel good!  

Return on Your VIP Private Coaching Investment (ROI):

  • *Private 1-Hour Weekly Virtual Coaching & Mentoring (*Session numbers determined by package.) 

  • Private Access to Me During Business Hours

  • Emotional Mastery “EQ” Methods to Heal & Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirit 

  • Proven Techniques to Embrace Life’s Flow with Confidence…Trust & Strengthen Your Intuitive Wisdom 
  • Personalised Strategies & Executive Coaching Tactics to Bring Your Desires into Your Present Life

  • Easy to Integrate, Action Plans from 3 to 12-Months 
  • Quantum Leap Techniques to Identify Future Growth 

  • Personalised Complementary Holistic Therapies — Reiki, Theta Healing, Meditation, & More

  • Downloadable “Tools for Life” 
  • Proven Life & Leadership “Hacks” 
  • Recorded Meditations & Breath Practices (Inner Peace, Healing, Manifesting, Stress…)


Select a Personalised VIP Coaching Package… 3 or 12-Months (Payment Options)

Complete a Private VIP Coaching Form for a confidential Clarity Call with me.  


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New! Exclusive

90-Day VIP Virtual Coaching Package

Bliss & Lipstick After Divorce 

Are you ready to heal the hole in your heart? Move forward with a positive outlook? 

Why lipstick? It increases confidence and positive mindset.  

It’s time to have some fun!  Swivel the tubes of life’s colours to realign your mind, body, and soul with swirls of colours, freedom, hope, and confidence!

I am limiting this amazing journey of bliss and awakening to 10 beautiful souls!


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Limited to 10 Beautiful Souls…

Bliss & Lipstick Life After Divorce

VIP Virtual Coaching 90-Days


Is This Very Special Offer for You?

  • What Now? Life After Divorce or In the Midst of Divorce
  • Unexpected Heartbreak
  • Contemplating Leaving a Relationship
  • Finding Love Again? Seeking a Soul-Aligned Partner
  • Keen to Heal Your Heart, Master Your Emotions
  • Bliss Sounds Fabulous

A few years ago, I adapted a new habit of welcoming the New Year with stillness.  During this amazing soul aligned time, the guidance was to create an exclusive 3-month VIP Bliss Coaching Package!

If you are a woman over 35+ keen to shift from focusing on the “holes” in your heart to enjoying the “wholeness” of your life, please submit a private VIP application now.  I am only offering this package to 10 women keen to heal, embrace life’s changes and move forward with bliss!  Lipstick is optional — although always fun!


What Your Return on Investment (ROI) for 90-Days?


Here’s My Formal “Oh-So Professional” Executive Coaching Description of This Package…

I am going to help you to reframe your mind, body, and soul using proven, practical executive coaching strategies mixed with amazing holistic methodologies plus intuitive guidance.   Easy, simple ways to refocus your circumstances, life, and dreams today. Sounds so grown-up, doesn’t it?


Too Formal!  Here’s  “Oh My Goodness” Life  Changing Fun Using The Scrumptious World of Lipstick to Bring Out Your Inner Goddess After Divorce…

Let’s “twist the metaphorical tubes of cream, matte, satin lipsticks” to refocus your life on positive healing, heartfelt desires, goals, and more.  Do you remember how fun it was to try on your first lippie?  Did you try on your mom’s lipstick without permission?…

If you are ready to give it your best and call in your birth right of bliss, this 90-day awe-inspiring package is for you!    

Rather than leading you with pinstripe pencil skirt perfection and executive “talk”, I am going all out “girlie and goddess”!  I’ve never lost my passion for cosmetics.  One of my jobs during my university days was behind a Clinique counter followed by Estee Lauder stints long before my corporate career launched.  My 92-year-old mother even keeps a stash of new Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers for my visits.  So, hold on to your compacts!


Every Fortnight You’ll Receive…

  • Two 60-Min. VIP Virtual Coaching Calls plus Q&A  (All sessions will be recorded.)
  • Bliss & Lipstick Learnings (aka Deliverables):  
    • Proven life and holistic coaching tools, strategies and insight specifically selected to result in tangible aligned actions to help you move forward with bliss and confidence.   I will also include as many proven “hacks” as possible.  I love a good shortcut!
  • Breath & Meditation Practices
  • EQ “Focused Emotional Mastery”
    • Each coaching session will focus on key emotions and areas of grace “EQ” to help you master you frame of mind, reactions, and outlook.  



Bliss & Lipstick 90-Day Outline…


Days 1-15…Find Your Shades & Opening Your Colour Spectrum

  • Assess the Circle of Your Life & Shades of Colour to Date
  • Identify Areas for Growth where you are keen to add “New Shades of Bliss”  based on your heart felt desires, needs, and goals.
  • Why Your New Shades of Bliss are Important to You?
  • How Will These New Shades Impact You, Your Family, Community”…?
  • What is Holding Your Back? Trying a New Shade?
  • Clear Limiting Beliefs

EQ:  Acceptance, Self-Care, Inner Peace


Days 16-30  Confidence in Colourful  You

  • Divorce and heartbreaks whether planned or not often lead you to focus on weaknesses and failures.
  • Identify Your Strengths
  • Perhaps, divorce means that you have new or more financial / family commitments. How Do You Support These Commitments?
  • What “New Shade” Would You Like to Explore? Why? – Hobby into a business; advance your current role; fulfilment if the nest is empty; new activities, meet new people…
  • How Will This New Shade Inspire You?
  • How Much Do Your Trust Your Instinct, Inner Knowingness

EQ:      Confidence, Intuitive Knowing, Soul


Days 17-45      Long-Wearing Resilience & Enduring Life “Lipsticks”

  • Navigating everyday demands, dramas, and necessary circumstances with the “Fab Shades of Grace, Calm, and Crazy”!
  • Shifting Mindset to Progress versus Perfection
  • Breath and meditations practices to “flow” with ease

EQ:      Inner Strength, Trust, Resilience, Flow


Days 46-60      Visualising New You & Freedom to Wear Purple Lipstick

  • Building Your New Life Plan incorporating necessary commitments and new “shades”
  • Visualise 12-Months from Now
  • Asking Yourself…Are the “New Shades of Colour” Your Choice? Or, What Other’s Expect of You?”
  • Quantum Leap to Future You “A Galaxy Shade of Colour to Come”
  • Clear Beliefs & Limitations
  • Soulful ways to give yourself permission to breathe, play, create, and wear purple lipstick!

EQ:      Abundance, Intuition, Trust, Imagination


Days 61-75      Living in Expectancy vs. Expectations

  • Giving up the need to know the answers and control the outcomes.
  • Reframe your mind from mayhem and madness to peace, serenity
  • Deeper guidance into trusting your “Inner Wisdom”

EQ:      Presence, Faith, Trust, Peace


Days 76-90      Shades of Freedom, Curiosity &  Bliss

  • Creating your “Daily Being Disciplines”…where “being” is your foundation
  • Keeping your new shades in your “Circle of Life” spinning in the direction of your vision
  • What to do if your “Circle of Life” gets stuck?
  • How to live in awe and curiosity…
  • Visualisation & Manifesting Practices for Abundance, Health, and Prosperity

EQ:      Trust, Curiosity, Bliss, Flow, Acceptance


Ready? Let’s have a chat…

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The total investment fee is £5000 (plus VAT) for the entire 3-Month Package.  This is a savings of over £11,950.

If you pay in full up front, you will receive two 60-Minute Private 1:1 VIP Virtual Coaching Sessions with Beth Kenney…a bonus savings of £2500.

Alternatively, a deposit of £1950 plus VAT is required. Followed by 2-monthly payments of £1666 plus VAT.  Please note, this is a non-refundable package.  You will be billed for the entire fee, thank you.

Private Coaching Packages & VIP Intensive Days


Private Coaching Packages…

Divorced?  Whether in the midst of the divorce or the final decree was filed…

If you’re ready to take off?

Create a better life?  

Refocus Mind, Body, and Soul?

Let’s talk…


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VIP Intensive Day – – 6 Hours 

with Beth Kenney 

Keen to Jump Start?

A concentrated day of strategising your vision, your life plan, your everyday life with practical actions and tools to ignite your mind, body, and spirit. 

Clarity | Confidence | Action 

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Beth Kenney



Menopause Mentoring

with Beth Kenney

Learn to Manage Your Menopause & Life

Shift from Hormonal Chaos to Calm!

Click!  Menopause Mentoring  for a Chat with Beth 

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We Do Workplace Wellbeing Differently...


Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Our team of qualified business leaders will design bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Workshops tailored to your organisation, teams, and employees.  

  • Incorporating Proven Neuroscience to Improve ROI
  • Fortune 100 Best Practices & Techniques
  • Breath Techniques & NLP…Improve Productivity, Reduce Stress 
  • Concierge Support to Manage the Details
  • Keynote Speakers & More

Inclusive | Appropriate | Virtual | In-Person

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Evidence from Leading Universities, Hospitals, and Medical Institutions

The Rise of Complimentary & Holistic

Therapies Around the World

Leading hospitals around the world now have integrated or complimentary medicine centres to support patients by in a more holistic manner complete with lifestyle advice, therapies and more…

In the USA, 15 academic hospitals such as Harvard, Yale, Duke and Johns Hopkins now offer Reiki, hypnotherapy, Chinese herbal therapy, acupuncture, guided imagery, homeopathy…(Keefe, J. 2017 “Here are the therapies offered by top academics…”).

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, part of the NHS Foundation Trust and the University College Hospitals, state that they “consider the whole person and their environment in the quest for optimal health and wellbeing”…(NHS Royal Foundation May 2021).

“The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.”  

Ralph W. Sockman